What is Mountainboarding?

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  2. December 10, 2017 2:41 am

Mountainboarding is an extreme sport that is quickly gaining popularity all over the world. Many people compare mountainboarding to snowboarding without the snow, and instead of a flat board, mountainboards have big rubber wheels that carry the rider over dirt, grass and even rocks. Also unlike snowboarding, you are not actually strapped into the board. While your feet are held onto the board with bindings, the bindings do not clamp your foot in, so it’s a lot easier to come free from your mountainboard if you need to.

To really get a grip on the sport, a background in skateboarding, surfing or (especially) snowboarding helps. While some mountainboards have handbrakes that will slow you down as you descend the mountain, most do not- you control your speed by powersliding. Powersliding is achieved by kicking your back foot out in front so that the board is perpendicular to the slope of the mountain. Since the wheels are so big and the rocks and dirt under you are loose, this does not cause you to come to a screeching halt but actually puts you into a controlled slide that slows you down considerably.

Mountainboarding can be done at ski resorts during the off season or on mountains or other hilly terrain. The sport is very rugged and it can be easy to get injured, so a helmet and pads are always recommended. You can do tricks on a mountainboard similar to the ones you can do on a snowboard, such as bunny hops, grinds and grabs. Veteran mountainboarders have even been known to do flip tricks, although the size of the mountainboard makes these tricks very hard to learn and master.

While some mountainboarders are simply in it for the tricks, others do it just to relax or to try and catch as much air as possible. Some mountainboarders even race. There is a lot that you can do with a mountainboard, which is why the sport is becoming more popular than ever.

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