The International Mountainboard Association (IMA)

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  2. December 10, 2017 2:40 am

While mountainboarding is certainly becoming more popular in the extreme sports world, it doesn’t carry as much weight as sports like snowboarding, surfing or skateboarding do. The International Mountainboard Association, located at, is trying to change that. The IMA raises awareness about the sport and organizes events that mountainboarders from all over the world can join and compete in. The IMA partners with all of the major names in mountainboarding to try and help the sport grow through organizing these events and getting the word out about how great the sport is for both the mind and body.

The original inventor of mountainboarding, a man by the name of Jason T. Lee, is on the board of the IMA, as are all of the other big names in the mountain boarding world. The International mountainboarding association is truly a legitimate organization that is trying to influence the sport positively by keeping riders and event organizers focused and looking forward to a variety of unique days of mountainboarding throughout the year. You can easily sign up for the IMA newsletter by visiting the site, which will keep you informed on all of the latest events and news concerning the up and coming world of mountainboarding.

By adding this organized element to the sport, the IMA is truly doing a great job of drawing attention to the sport and showing extreme sports lovers everywhere that mountainboarding is a serious sport… and that it’s here to stay. They do this by helping local organizations fund and set up events and then promoting those events, and they also have a list of rules and regulations that help event organizers know the basic guidelines that they must follow in order to have a successful and fun event for every rider, sponsor and spectator involved.

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