The Benefits of Mountainboarding

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  2. December 10, 2017 2:40 am

Mountainboarding is slowly becoming one of the most popular extreme sports in the world, and once you learn about all of the benefits, it’s easy to see why. The sport enriches your life both physically and mentally, and it certainly makes summer the best time of the year. While there are many advantages associated with mountainboarding, the following are the three top benefits.

1. It’s a good workout
First of all, even though you are “riding” the board, the sport can be physically exhausting. Jumping, powersliding, doing tricks, and falling truly takes a lot out of you, and you will probably feel sore at the end of the day. This is a good thing, though- mountainboarding works your core, so you are getting a good all-around workout as you tackle the slopes.

2. You can expand your social circle
The social benefits of mountainboarding cannot be ignored, either. Since mountainboarding is still a relatively small sport, the community is very close knit. Discussions on how to land a trick or where the best spots in the area are can last all day, and mountianboarders are always excited to share their sport with others. In other words, it’s easy to make friends when you get a mountainboard.

3. It gives you a great sense of pride and accomplishment
Mountainboarding, unlike a lot of other sports, is not too hard to learn, either. You can easily control the board and master the basics of powersliding by the end of your first day, meaning that you will definitely be excited for day two. The drive to improve doesn’t stop there, either. You will feel a great sense of accomplishment as you tackle each new slope or land each new trick, and your confidence will soar. Mountainboarding is truly a great hobby to have.

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